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Umojaapp is Africa’s Premium Social Media Site, founded in 2016 by Kenneth Tugume and Timothy Turyagyenda both IT experts with Tim as an ORACLE and MSCE specialist and Ken in NETWORKS. Its a product of UMOJA TECH KENYA as the mother company .The name Umojaapp is derived from the Swahili word UMOJA that means togetherness and APP as an application that supports the services.

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Our product is multimedia and supports: text, photos,blogs, videos, documents, video chats/ group video chats. Its available on phone with the Messenger and the web. Our messages are secured with end-to-end encryption, meaning that no third party including Umojaapp can read or listen to them. We are inspired to let people conduct business interactively anywhere on the globe without any hindrances

Our Mission

Umojaapp is designed to bring the African business community and the rest of the world together through; peer to peer, client to business , business to business and business to client interactions.